Rashmi Bansal Awards IIPM Students

(Rashmi Bansal Publisher of JAMMAG)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


How the mighty have fallen! And this time, it’s the fraudulently pompous and media attention seeking Rashmi Bansal, editor of a magazine (which looks more like a crass yellow journal publication) called Jammag. Last year, giving evidence of her illiterate and yellow journalistic capabilities, she had accused the much respected IIPM, one of the leading business schools in India, of advertising wrong information. After having been castigated and proven woefully short on facts, the lady scampered off pitifully behind her husband’s backside (whose money runs her business anyway).

Come October 2006, this poor man’s excuse of a woman (you have to see herRASHMI BANSAL EATS HUMBLE PIE face to believe it; check it out in the photograph below), was made to eat humble pie yet again, and most humiliatingly, when she had walk up the dias and award the same institute IIPM for winning the trophy of being the Best College at ‘Salaame 2006’, an inter-collegiate competition held from 17th - 19th October, 2006 organized by KC College, Mumbai. Worse for the poor woman was the fact that the event had been sponsored by her magazine Jammag. Shoving her face into mud, and her character (or whatever remained of it) into muck, IIPM students even ensured that they won all the following prizes additionally:

Creativity: 1st & 2nd Place
Debate: 1st & 2nd Place
Investment Strategy: 1st Place
Singing (Solo): 2nd Place
RJ Hunt: 1st Place
Treasure Hunt: 2nd Place
T-Shirt Painting: 2nd Place
Graffiti: 2nd Place
Drama: 2nd Place
Fashion Show: 1st Place
Best Coordinator Award- IIPM
Best Crowd Award- IIPM

One hopes she has not jumped off a cliff by now J Oh, one does hear that an arrest warrant by the Maharashtra Government against her is out since December 11th 2006 (check the super link below) for again doing what she’s an expert at, writing baseless and totally idiotic stuff in that toilet cleaning paper publication Jammag. Check that out also in the links below.

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Rashmi Bansal (Editor of JAMMAG)
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